Energy for Fontgombault abbey.



Energy for Fontgombault abbey.


Our cylinders were used in a renewable energy project in this spiritual setting.

In 2021, MJ2 Technologies designed and installed a modern high efficiency (VHL DN 3550) turbine at Fontgombault abbey, without producing any visual or noise pollution.

The spiritual atmosphere of the abbey is amplified by the sound of nature that surrounds it.
In order not to compromise the characteristics of this place, the turbine was placed in the river duct, totally immersed, silently accompanying the daily life of the monks.

The technical contribution of Oleodinamica Panni allowed the creation of cylinders that can work completely immersed, thanks to special seals, specific chrome plating and suitable coating.
The quality production process also allows Oleodinamica Panni to guarantee the reliability of its products even in situations where there are specific critical issues.

We are particularly proud of the integration of our cylinders in the MJ2 Technologies project, which allows the production of clean energy by enhancing natural resources and, at the same time, integrating a technology that maintains the peaceful and spiritual balance of the location, preserving the extraordinary environment.