Hinowa and Panni: a relational supply chain.



Hinowa and Panni: a relational supply chain.


Hinowa and Panni: a relational supply chain.

“Partnership” is in our DNA: for Oleodinamica Panni customers and suppliers are part of a system characterized by close collaboration, communication and a shared vision.

The supply chain is fundamental in customer value creation.
If the aim is to improve service levels, while optimizing operating costs and capital employed, it is fundamental to collaborate during the planning and production phases.

The customer’s production flow is perfectly integrated with Panni’s, which directly serves the customer’s assembly line, allowing Panni to satisfy the customer’s weekly requirements. At the same time, the customer doesn’t need to store the goods received as you can see in this video realized in collaboration with Hinowa.

The video follows the path of creating the KIT of cylinders necessary to produce the machine. First, they are picked up from Panni’s warehouse, then they are placed on a structure specially designed to facilitate the picking of the material in the right sequence from the assembly line.


Supply in accordance with the “Just in sequence” strategy for:

Safety stock reduction.

Less space.

Reliable quality.
Line stoppage risk management.

Reduction in handling.