Oleodinamica Panni together with Hydroven and Terex to co-design the CTLH 192-12 crane

How important is the synergy between customer and supplier in the Co-Engineering activity ?

The peculiar and strict limitations of countries with anglo-Saxon legislation (United Kingdom, Australia, Nord America and Middle East) concerning the handling of loads in the building sites and the overflight of the surrounding areas require in many cases the use luffing jib tower crane that can be hydraulic or ropes according to the required performances.

Terex has developed the new and innovative hydraulic CTLH 192-12 luffing crane, with the technical contribution and the co-engineering activity of Oleodinamica Panni and Hydroven.
A complete hydraulic system well integrated into the machine, that uses the latest communication protocols.
The quality of the process and of the product that Oleodinamica Panni e Hydroven ensure can garantee reliability even in the most complicated applications.
This is an example of how good relationships among people lead to innovative and successfull projects.


What are the advantages of using hydraulic luffing jib tower crane:

Reduced turning radius.

Maximun precision and automation in the handling of loads.

Greater efficiency.
Smaller out of service radius.

Advanced security systems.


Our cylinders were used in a renewable energy project in this spiritual setting.

In 2021, MJ2 Technologies designed and installed a modern high efficiency (VHL DN 3550) turbine at Fontgombault abbey, without producing any visual or noise pollution.

The spiritual atmosphere of the abbey is amplified by the sound of nature that surrounds it.
In order not to compromise the characteristics of this place, the turbine was placed in the river duct, totally immersed, silently accompanying the daily life of the monks.

The technical contribution of Oleodinamica Panni allowed the creation of cylinders that can work completely immersed, thanks to special seals, specific chrome plating and suitable coating.
The quality production process also allows Oleodinamica Panni to guarantee the reliability of its products even in situations where there are specific critical issues.

We are particularly proud of the integration of our cylinders in the MJ2 Technologies project, which allows the production of clean energy by enhancing natural resources and, at the same time, integrating a technology that maintains the peaceful and spiritual balance of the location, preserving the extraordinary environment.


Hinowa and Panni: a relational supply chain.

“Partnership” is in our DNA: for Oleodinamica Panni customers and suppliers are part of a system characterized by close collaboration, communication and a shared vision.

The supply chain is fundamental in customer value creation.
If the aim is to improve service levels, while optimizing operating costs and capital employed, it is fundamental to collaborate during the planning and production phases.

The customer’s production flow is perfectly integrated with Panni’s, which directly serves the customer’s assembly line, allowing Panni to satisfy the customer’s weekly requirements. At the same time, the customer doesn’t need to store the goods received as you can see in this video realized in collaboration with Hinowa.

The video follows the path of creating the KIT of cylinders necessary to produce the machine. First, they are picked up from Panni’s warehouse, then they are placed on a structure specially designed to facilitate the picking of the material in the right sequence from the assembly line.


Supply in accordance with the “Just in sequence” strategy for:

Safety stock reduction.

Less space.

Reliable quality.
Line stoppage risk management.

Reduction in handling.


A story of virtuous collaboration with F.lli Righini.

Oleodinamica Panni specialises in the production of hydraulic cylinders for wind power plants.
The company, together with its partners, takes part in large projects related to the positioning of offshore wind farms.

Oleodinamica Panni is actively involved in one of the most important challenges of our time: advancing sustainable energy to protect the environment.
This approach guides our daily work, our corporate decisions and the creation of virtuous partnerships. Our partnership with F.lli. Righini is an example of a successful collaboration to realise the value of wind energy produced by windmills of the third millennium.


Panni’s cylinders for Herrenknecht’s major projects

“Connect, put in contact”. This is the Herrenknecht’s mission.
These connections are not virtual but physical. Digging a tunnel means bringing two realities closer together and forming a connection.
Panni contributes to this high-profile project through the strength of its cylinders.

The handling of such complex and large machines requires more than 17000kN of thrust, supplied by coupled cylinders with completely customized flanges.

Tens of meters underground, in extreme working conditions, maintenance becomes difficult if not impossible. Reliability is the cornerstone of the project.

The collaboration between the customer and our technical team allows us to overcome critical issues, guaranteeing the success of the project.